Holy Spirit, We Need Your Help.

If you had a plant holder with dirt in it, it only takes one seed to make a change. Every act of obedience to the Lord makes a difference. We must have faith to continue to water what we don’t see. If the seed is in the ground, then that seed will grow if you water it. You must give faith time to display what is already done. The seed must develop roots before it brings up roots. The roots are the source of nourishment. A plant that grows fast without roots will not last.

When that plants comes out of the ground, he must deal with something he has never dealt with before. The plant must deal with storms, extreme heat, extreme cold, and pests. During all these challenges the roots are what keeps the plant nourished during adversity.

We must plant spiritual seeds and not worldly seed. Worldly seeds produce worldly roots. We must plant God’s seed first every day. The Word of God is a seed we must read every day to be rooted in Christ. Another way we grow in God is to share the Gospel (the Word of God) with others. We can’t just go to church and come back home. Share what you have learned with others. You must say more than hello and be kind to your neighbors. That is not the kind of witness God wants. God wants us to share the Gospel with our neighbors.


  • John 16:5-7 New King James Version – The Work of the Holy Spirit – “But now I go away to Him who sent Me, and none of you asks Me, ‘Where are You going?’ But because I have said these things to you, sorrow has filled your heart. Nevertheless I tell you the truth. It is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you; but if I depart, I will send Him to you.

We can’t just serve God mentally. We must serve Him in spirit and in truth, doing the will of The Father. Some of the primary functions of the Holy Spirit are to lead us, teach us, remind us of everything Jesus taught, convict us of sin, comfort us and to transform us into the image of Christ. But the primary role of the Holy Spirit is to help us to take on the ways of Jesus. When the Holy Spirit is planted as a seed in our heart, change will come. The question is–Are we nurturing our relationship with the Holy Spirit?

The Word of God can help us stop sinning, display self-control and change our attitude. Imagine a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. The change is so dramatic, if we didn’t know caterpillars turn into butterflies we would never believe it was the same creature. When we plant the Word of God into our hearts and nurture our relationship with God through the Holy Spirit, we will experience metamorphesis as dramatic as that of a caterpillar that crawls on the ground to a beautiful creature with wings that can fly!

The changes that God wants to make in our lives takes time. We must be patient. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. God wants us to get to a place where we trust Him enough to take a leap of faith, no matter the circumstances. When we obey the Voice of the Holy Spirit we will be on the path to transformation. It’s God’s job to move obstacles out of our path. It is our job to obey Him. We need to take our hands off the wheel and let the Lord drive the direction of our lives.

  • Romans 8:14 New King James Version –  For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God. 

Sometimes the Lord will take us a way that we wouldn’t go. But, the Lord knows exactly what He is doing in our lives. If we trust Him, everything will work out for our good.

  • Proverbs 3:5-6 New King James Version – Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

God will not move the obstacle until we get there. The Red Sea did not part for the Hebrews leaving slavery in Egypt UNTIL they reached the Red Sea. Don’t move ahead of God’s timing–TRUST GOD!

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