Hear and Be Healed–through Jesus.

Jesus is Our Healer. Every word from the Lord can change our situation. One word from the LORD can turn our situation around. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. That’s true regardless of whether the thing we hear is good or bad. Every word is a seed that will grow and produce a result in our minds.

  • Luke 6:17-19 – Jesus Heals a Great Multitude 17 And He came down with them and stood on a level place with a crowd of His disciples and a great multitude of people from all Judea and Jerusalem, and from the seacoast of Tyre and Sidon, who came to hear Him and be healed of their diseases, 18 as well as those who were tormented with unclean spirits. And they were healed. 19 And the whole multitude sought to touch Him, for power went out from Him and healed them all.

The seed of the Word of God automatically follows God’s instructions. The Word of God must be planted in the good ground of faith. Our words are seeds too–we are created in God’s image and our words have the power to produce results too. We must learn to recognize negative seed and shut it down. Who wants to nurture a seed of a weed? No one. Nobody wants weeds in their garden.

As Christians we must be especially careful to speak life words–the Word of God and whatever lines up with the Word of God. We must humble ourselves and not allow the seed of pride to grow in our heart. We have to submit our mouth to the Lord.

  • Psalm 141:3 New King James Version  Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips.

Jesus wants us to hear HIM–not them. What people say will not always line up with what God says. We must learn to put His Word higher than every other word.

  • Psalm 107:20 New King James Version – He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.

God wants to save our souls from destruction. We must hear the word of God over and over again so that it can transform our way of thinking. Words of doubt and unbelief are dirty words in God’s sight. Without the Word of God in our spirit, we will let the dirt of the world get into our hearts. Then we have to work harder to get the dirt out.

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Romans 10:17

The enemy likes to drop seeds of doubt and lies to corrupt our faith. He did it in the beginning to tempt man to sin.

  • Genesis 3:1-5 New King James Version Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said to the woman, “Has God indeed said, ‘You shall not eat of every tree of the garden’?And the woman said to the serpent, “We may eat the fruit of the trees of the garden; but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God has said, ‘You shall not eat it, nor shall you touch it, lest you die.’ Then the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

The devil is a liar. Our job is to stay in faith and trust God, including every word He says. God’s Word filters out doubt, discouragement, hopelessness, and fear. God wants us to be full of hope. The most challenging situation is the one where a person has lost hope. Speak encouraging words to anyone who has lost hope. The Apostle Peter spoke the Word of God to a lame man and he received a miraculous healing.

  • Acts 3:4-7 New King James Version –  And fixing his eyes on him, with John, Peter said, “Look at us.” So he gave them his attention, expecting to receive something from them. Then Peter said, “Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.” And he took him by the right hand and lifted him up, and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength. 

We must follow the Lord and His Word, even when we don’t get what we want right away. If we are patient, the LORD will give us what we really need. The lame man asked for money, but what he really needed was healing. Because the man was willing to receive the word from the man of God, he was healed in JESUS’ Name.

The Committed Endure Hardship for Christ.

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

We’re living in a time where people would rather hear something that sounds good rather than the truth. The truth convicts us. The truth will make us change our ways. People who aren’t ready to change don’t want to hear the truth. One example of something we need to hear, but that is hard to receive is the fact that God loves us and has greatness planned for us. We often believe we are less than, instead of believing we can accomplish everything God has called us to do.

To be fully committed to God we must learn to endure hardship.

  • 2 Timothy 2:3-4 New King James Version – You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier.

There are times when the Lord will allow us to endure hardness. We must know that in advance because the enemy loves to discourage those enduring hardship with lies like, “How can God love you and let you go through this?” That’s a lie from the pit of hell. Our hardships are not in vain. Everything God allows has a purpose.

  • Romans 5:3-5 New King James VersionAnd not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hopeNow hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

How much God loves us is not based on material possessions, status or comfort. God loves us because He created us for a good purpose–He wants to transform us into the image of Christ so we can become children of God.

God will allow us to go through wilderness experiences to build our faith and confidence in Him. Here are four truths we need to incorporate into our lives:

  1. Allow hardship to serve its purpose. (We also have to allow our children to go through hardship.)
  2. Allow hardship to perfect your attitude.
  3. Allow hardship to grow you. (Hebrews 5:8 Living Bible – And even though Jesus was God’s Son, he had to learn from experience what it was like to obey when obeying meant suffering.)
  4. Allow hardship to shape your character. (Become better, not bitter. Complaining is an indication of bitterness, especially complaining about people. John 13:35 New King James Version – By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”)

HEAR and Be Healed.

“He sent His word and healed them, And delivered them from their destructions.” Psalm 107:20

God’s will for us is to experience peace. We can have peace right in the midst of trouble. The Word of God tells us…

  • John 14:1 New King James Version – “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me. 

We can choose to be troubled or not. We can choose to trust God and stay in peace–even if our body is experiencing sickness. Part of Jesus’ ministry was to heal those who were sick and to teach the people about the kingdom of God. The people heard the Word AND they were healed.

  • Luke 6:17 New King James Version – Jesus Heals a Great Multitude – And He came down with them and stood on a level place with a crowd of His disciples and a great multitude of people from all Judea and Jerusalem, and from the seacoast of Tyre and Sidon, who came to hear Him and be healed of their diseases,
  • Mark 8:18 New King James Version Having eyes, do you not see? And having ears, do you not hear? And do you not remember?

One word from the LORD can turn our situation around. Hearing from the LORD the key to our deliverance. We can be delivered physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

  • Psalm 107:20 New King James Version He sent His word and healed them, And delivered them from their destructions.

When we refuse to hear the Word of God (no matter who He uses to bring the Word), it’s like we are refusing to be healed. God uses the Word to heal. This doesn’t make sense to the mind, but it makes perfect sense to our spiritual man.

  • Romans 10:17 New King James Version So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

Every time we hear from God, faith comes. It’s so important for us to fill our selves with the Word of God and tune out doubt.

And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”

Matthew 21:22 New King James Version